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Travelling or moving abroad can become challenging, especially when visas are needed—that’s where we come in! With over 14 years of experience, our specialists are up-to-date with current policy and make this process as seamless as possible so you don’t have to deal with the confusing & daunting paperwork.

The types of visas we most commonly deal with are; Tourist/Visitor, Family/Dependant, Student & Working Visas. If you have any questions about what kind of visas to choose, please get in touch with one of our team members. They can assist you with this. Our seasoned consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire study abroad process. From selecting the right course and university to navigating complex admission procedures, we ensure that every step is informed and strategic.
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Why Choose Universal Migration?


Our team comprises experienced immigration professionals with in-depth knowledge of visa regulations and immigration policies.

Timely Updates

Stay informed throughout the process with regular updates on the status of your application. We prioritize transparency and communication.

Compliance Assurance

We adhere strictly to legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring that your application meets all criteria for approval.

Immigration and Visa Application Assistance

Universal Migration provides comprehensive immigration and visa application assistance for students, job seekers, dependents, tourists, and more. As you know, Immigration is a process that involves a lot of documentation and paperwork. It can be both confusing and time-consuming. Proper guidance from experienced visa & immigration consultants can make the process smooth, and error-free, and increase the chances of acceptance. 


Choose The Visa You

Universal Migration has well-experienced consultants to clear all your doubts regarding the visa application process including the visa type to choose, eligibility criteria, immigration laws, and more. We provide complete visa application assistance in obtaining different types of visas like visit visas, dependent visas, tourist visas, business visas, employment visas, student visas, family visas, settlement visas, investor visas, job-seeker visas, etc.
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Tourists Visa

Tourist Visa Depending on which country you want to visit, a travel or visitor visa

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Family Visa

Family Visa This type of visa, which gives legal rights to your spouse, partner, child

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Other Visa

Other Visa There are lots of other types of visas in addition to tourist/visitor visas

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How does Universal Migration Provide Visa Application Assistance?

Universal Migration provides the complete Immigration and visa application assistance systematically. Initially, we evaluate an individual’s chances of getting a visa by analyzing various factors like education, work experience, language proficiency, and other related criteria. Our visa and immigration experts help candidates prepare all the documentation required for visa applications, to ensure accuracy and completeness. Universal Migration is a reliable visa and immigration consultant in Kerala that oversees all aspects of visa application and immigration process. Our step-by-step visa application assistance helps students or job seekers increase their approval chances.



Our visa application consultants provide detailed information based on the country and type of visa you need to apply for.
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Step 01


Our experts ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and have all the relevant documents necessary to complete the visa application process.
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Step 02
Application Submission

Application Submission

We verify the correctness of the application and help candidates in the timely submission of their visa application.
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Step 03
Extended support

Extended support

We make the entire process less stressful by providing interview preparation assistance, keeping you updated on the latest immigration laws, and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

The appropriate visa depends on your purpose of travel (tourism, work, study, etc.). Our agency provides personalized consultations to help you determine the most suitable visa for your needs.

Visas can include tourist visas, work visas, student visas, family reunion visas, and more. Each type has specific requirements and conditions.

Our agency assists with the entire visa application process, including gathering necessary documents, completing application forms, and providing guidance on interview preparation.

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of visa. Factors may include employment, education, financial stability, and the nature of your visit. We can assess your eligibility during a consultation.

Processing times vary by visa type and the country's immigration policies. Our agency keeps abreast of the latest processing times and provides updates to our clients.

Required documents depend on the visa type but commonly include a valid passport, proof of financial means, travel itinerary, and any specific documents related to the purpose of your visit.