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Why Europe?

Europe is a large continent with many countries. It is home to many different countries and cultures and is filled with plenty of unique opportunities.We’re here to help you get into the school of your dreams in Europe, and make the process seamless. The history, culture, scenery of small towns, and the excitement of big cities – opportunities are endless!

Part-time & Post-study Work visa

While studying, international students are allowed to work part-time for 240 days out of the school year or full-time for 120 days out of the school year, which gives plenty of flexibility for obtaining income and getting used to the workforce and culture!After graduation international students are allowed to stay six months two years to find employment. Again, it also depends on which European country you are studying in, but there are plenty of options to obtain permanent residency. STEM courses usually have an easier time finding work and obtaining permanent residency in general.The famous Programs are:

How To Apply?

Transcripts & degrees certificates

English proficiency score card

Copy of valid

Statement of personal statement

CV and any work experience


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