Permanent Residency

Settle In Australia

Australia is one of the most sought-after countries for immigrants who want to live and work here. It is a progressive and contemporary country with ample wildlife, scenery and beaches as well as lively and cultural big cities. To move to Australia permanently you will need to apply for an Australian Migration Visa, also know as Permanent Visa. The procedure can be confusing, lengthy and expensive – the Australian Government has strict criteria on acceptable migrants wishing to settle here permanently.

Despite the complex immigration process, many migrants arrive and settle successfully in Australia and enjoy their new life with ample opportunities in a lively country with an expanding market.In Western Australia, for example, 31% of the total population were born overseas, and in metropolitan Perth 35% of residents were born overseas.

Migration Programs

The Australian Migration Program is open to everyone who qualifies to migrate to this country. Whilst the Migration Program is only for permanent visas, many temporary visas (such as skilled work or student) can lead to permanent visas. Migrants to Australia are selected for their English language and trade skills, age, work experience, and the presence of family or business contacts in Australia.Migrants are not assessed based on race, gender or culture.

Screening for entry on a permanent visa is more thorough than screening for entry for a temporary visa. This applies particularly to the health checks, police clearance and your ability to earn a living, unless you are sponsored on a Family Program Visa.All permanent visas include the right to live, travel, and work in Australia.

How to Apply?

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