Top 10 Education Consulting Services To Consider in 2024

Statistics show a steady rise in the number of Indian students choosing to study abroad each year. Despite a temporary drop during the pandemic, this upward trend has continued to date. As per the ICEF monitor, the number of Indian students studying abroad is expected to increase to about two million by 2025. Shifts in diplomatic ties between nations, stricter immigration laws, or changes in student visa policies have not lessened the appeal of overseas education for Indian students.

Student’s increased access to educational consulting services in India has positively impacted the trend of studying abroad. Overseas education consultants play a major role in guiding students in applying to top-ranking universities abroad. This article will give you insights into the latest study abroad trends and top overseas education consulting services in India to consider in 2024 and beyond. 

Top 10 Education Consulting Services To Consider in 2024

Emerging Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Students

Traditional study-abroad destinations, like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia have long been favored by Indian students. However, the recent years have witnessed a notable shift in these choices. There is a surge in students choosing offbeat study destinations for their higher education abroad. Simplified visa process, diverse range of courses, scholarships, liberal international student policies, and lesser cost of living with better quality of life are some of the major factors contributing to the shift in choice of study abroad destinations.

Study abroad consultants or education consulting services in India often familiarize students with the less-known abroad study destinations to help them make informed decisions. Experienced overseas education consultants will help you choose the right country for your studies by clearly explaining the pros and cons of each. A few of the emerging study abroad destinations chosen by Indian students include:

Courses Popular among Indian Students

Study abroad programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have always been popular among Indian students. A significant number of students also opt for courses in Business management. The other trending international student programs among Indian students are courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber security, and Blockchain technology. The number of students choosing arts and humanities subjects is also increasing which is a recent trend among Indian students. Aspiring candidates can avail of education consulting services offered by top overseas education consultants in India to choose the best study abroad programs based on their interests. Abroad education consultants can assist you in finding top-ranking universities offering your preferred courses. 

Top Overseas Education Consulting Services In India

Top 10 Education Consulting Services To Consider in 2024

When it comes to higher education abroad, students and parents often get confused as there are a number of options to choose from. Students find it hard to determine which country to choose, which university to join, and which course will suit them the best. This is where overseas education consulting services step in. The right guidance from well-experienced study abroad consultants can increase your chances of getting admission to prestigious universities abroad. Here are a few overseas education consultants to consider in 2024 and the coming years.

IDP: IDP is a global leader in the overseas education sector with around 200 offices worldwide and a proud co-owner of IELTS. It offers assistance to study abroad in popular destinations like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Universal Migration: Universal Migration, which offers overseas education consulting services has its presence in India and UAE. This study abroad consultant with over eighteen years of experience offers a range of services like university selection guidance, application and visa processing assistance, career counseling, test preparation, pre-departure briefings, post-departure assistance, and a lot more. Universal migration supports students getting admission to universities in both popular and offbeat study abroad destinations.

Choice International Education: Choice International offers overseas education consulting services in Kerala. It has been associated with top-ranking universities worldwide for over seventeen years. 

TC Global: TC Global is a leading overseas education consultant in India with a unique platform to assist students from all Indian states. 

ABC Study Links: ABC Study Links is a reputed overseas education consulting services provider in Kerala that offers comprehensive services and in-depth insights into overseas education. 

Edwise International: Edwise International has a vast network of branches across the country. It offers overseas admission guidance, career counseling, and coaching for various tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and more. 

GeeBee: GeeBee overseas education consultants have over 900 partner universities across the globe. This education consultancy aims to assist students in attaining quality international education. 

KC Overseas Education: KC Overseas Education is a study-abroad Edtech company in India that offers end-to-end international education consulting services to aspiring students.

SI-UK: SI-UK is a reputed international education consultancy that provides independent advice and assistance to students applying to universities in the UK. 

LeapScholar: LeapScholar is a top overseas education consultancy headquartered in Bengaluru. They offer overseas education consulting services like selecting the right university, helping with application, and financing counseling to lining up job interviews and more. 

Facts and Figures

A recent survey conducted by the Institute for International Education of Students (IES) has given valuable insights into the long-term impacts of studying abroad. The survey results throw light on the positive impacts of studying abroad and its influence on the personal, academic, and professional growth of students. Given below are the positive impacts highlighted by participants of the survey along with the percentage of students who agreed to the same.

Positive Impacts

Increased self-confidence

Acted as a catalyst for increased maturity

Better understanding of  cultural values & biases

Influenced subsequent educational experience

Gained skill sets that influenced their career path







The US Open Doors Report(ODR) released in late 2023 states that, There has been a 35% increase in the number of international students from India to the United States during the 2022-23 academic year which accounts for an all-time high of 268,923 students in academic year 2022-23. With this, India surpassed China to become the largest source of international graduate students in the United States for the first time since 2009/10.  More than 25% of the international student population in the United States are Indians. 

Overseas education Challenges

  • Unexpected changes in the student visa and immigration policies
  • The sudden increase in the financial guarantee requirements for student visa
  • Political changes or instability in the host country can affect student’s safety and continuity of education
  • Newly implemented international student laws and regulations can create unforeseen challenges for international students
  • Limited availability of affordable accommodation options
  • Changes in international scholarship policies or criteria
  • Fluctuating currency exchange rates can increase the overall cost of studying abroad.

Proper guidance and support from top overseas education consultants in India can help students overcome unforeseen challenges in their study abroad journey. They keep the students informed and updated about the changes in immigration policies, application prerequisites, and other important political changes happening in popular study abroad destinations. Overseas education consulting services are indeed a great help to aspiring candidates who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad. 

Concluding Takeaways

As you have seen, the number of Indian students studying abroad is continuously increasing. But it is not that easy to successfully get through the process by yourself. At some point, you may get stuck. It is where you need the support of reliable education consulting services in India like the one offered by Universal Migration. Experienced study abroad consultants will guide you through each step and speed up the process of getting admission to leading universities abroad. Wisely choose the best overseas education consultants that offer extended support even after you reach your study abroad destination.


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