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Explore exciting job opportunities overseas with Universal Migration. Our experienced team specializes in working visas and migration services, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process. Whether you’re seeking employment opportunities, skilled migration, or sponsorship visas, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Discover your global career path with Universal Migration today

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At Universal Migration, we specialize in helping individuals secure working visas and navigate the migration process. Whether you’re looking for employment opportunities, skilled migration, or sponsorship visas, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. With our expertise and personalized service, we make the process of working abroad simple and stress-free. Explore your global career opportunities with Universal Migration today.

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I am one of the oldest customers of Universal. I approached universal for carrier guidance to select the right stream soon after my study. The proper guidance I have got then has helped me to settle in my life
jyothi elizabeth
My experience with Universal Migration Agency has been nothing short of fantastic! As an international student aspiring to study abroad, their support and guidance were invaluable
Remya Manoj
I particularly appreciated their ability to address all my concerns promptly. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I received my PR status smoothly and much quicker than anticipated.
Rince Binoy

Frequently Asked questions

Our agency assists with various types of visas, including but not limited to family-based visas, employment visas, student visas, and citizenship applications.

The duration varies significantly based on the type of visa and individual circumstances. Some processes can take several months to years due to application backlogs or specific requirements.

Required documents vary based on the visa type but commonly include identification, proof of relationship (for family-based visas), financial documents, and any relevant certificates or qualifications.

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of the case and services required. We provide transparent fee structures during initial consultations.

 In case of a denial, we assess the reasons and options available. Our team can assist with appeals or explore alternative pathways if applicable.

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Other Visa

There are lots of other types of visas in addition to tourist/visitor visas or family/dependant visas.Each type of visa has specific requirements depending on your status and the country you are applying for.We have been able to successfully process all types of visas for our clients all over the world for countries such as USA, The UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many more.
Types Of Visa

Other common visas we acquire for our clients are:

Student Stay-Back Visa

This is available for students who have recently graduated from an institution in another country. You are allowed to stay 1-3 years in a particular country after graduation to live and work. Often through this visa, you are able to sponsor your family to visit or to live with you, entitling a partner/spouse to work. For more information on the application process, check out our Study Abroad page or contact us.

Business Visa

 This visa allows investors, entrepreneurs or the self-employed to live, work & contribute to the economy of another country and set up their business. Requirements vary, but are usually 2-3 years of business experience, prove a specified net-worth, and sometimes a refundable deposit to the country you are applying to. A transfer toward permanent residency available as well as access to a family/dependant visa.

Fiancé/Marriage Visa

 If you are looking to marry your partner who is a citizen or a permanent resident of another country, we can help you fulfil the necessary requirements.
Ancestry Visa: If a relative (usually parent or grandparent) was born in a country you want to live in, we can help you see if you qualify and apply. This visa usually allows you to live and work freely as a resident.

Working Visa/Work Permit

This visa allows you to work and live in a country for the time allotted (typically 3-5 years), with the option to reapply/change to PR after 5 years. (See work abroad page for more information).

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