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Great news from SLU, we are excited to announce, effective immediately, the launch of the Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP) at Saint Louis University. UTP is designed for students who have earned credits from another accredited college or university and want to transfer to SLU.

The International undergraduate applicants with previous college/university-level coursework may now be considered for UTP at Saint Louis University. Undergraduate students with a minimum 2.5 GPA will be considered for UTP, the program length is determined by the incoming language proficiency score, 1-Semester, 2-Semester and 3-semester programs available. UTP now for available starts dates in August (Fall) and January (Spring).

Attached is the SLU UTP Flyer for your reference.


Available for Fall 2019 intake and forward

UTP does not replace a direct transfer option if students meet the direct requirements of 3.0 GPA and 80 TOEFL/6.5 IELTS.
Entry requirement: Minimum 12 college/university transfer credits.
GPA evaluations:

Students with 24+ college/university level credits will be evaluated on the college/university GPA.
Students with 23 or less college/university level credits will be evaluated on a combination of the high school cumulative GPA and college/university GPA.

Applications can be submitted through INTO Partner portal.


  • UTP students will qualify for the same automatic $10,000/year ($5,000/semester) scholarship available to IYO students
  • Maximum amount of semesters available for scholarship renewal may be reduced depending on how many transfer credits are accepted
  • Sponsored students are not eligible.


Benefits for Students:

  • Transfer of credits from your college- or university-level classes to your SLU degree
  • Customized curriculum of SLU credit-bearing courses
  • Guaranteed progression to a SLU undergraduate program upon successful completion of your UTP
  • Academic advis­ing throughout the program including progression and student success advisors
  • Intensive tutoring and academic support services that promote academic success
  • Small classroom settings, one-on-one mentoring services and a dedicated staff available to help you make a smooth transition into your new home.
  • Receive quick and precise turn-around time for offer and unofficial articulation of credit assessment.
    • 5-7 business days for offer of admission
    • 15 additional business days for unofficial articulation and sample study plan

For more details please call us on 9946791000

14 Jul 2019

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