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For those MBBS aspirants looking for an international degree, Armenia is one of the lesser explored options, which surprisingly has Medical educational facilities of international repute. An aspirant like you, looking for quality MBBS education and internships abroad, Armenia is not only a safer but also an affordable option. Here are a few insights that you could take a look at, towhat this Eurasian country proudly offers.

Also known as the Republic of Armenia, it is located in west Asia, to the east of Turkey and is about four thousand kilometres from India. Its capital city -Yerevan, is just three hours by flight, from Dubai. Majorly mountainous terrain and fast flowing rivers, some forests and slightly sharp temperatures, this mid-sized Christian majority nation is a peace heaven amidst the relatively turbulent West Asia.

An overall quick understanding of the background will help you consider Armenian MBBS degree as a valuable option to go for. Here it goes-


  • Global recognition of the medical degree:

Some of the Medical Universities in Armenia has been successfully listed in World Directory for Medical Science. A degree obtained from such an academic body helps you go a long way in your career. Such degrees are recognized world-wide and also by the MCI. For example, Yerevan State University is a leading government university in Eastern Europe, enlisted by the WHO. Other MBBS colleges like Yerevan Haybusak University, Armenian Medical Institute, St Theresa Medical University and The University of Traditional Medicine are also recognized by the European Union, the International Medical Education Directory, Medical and Dental Council of India and General Medical Council UK. Some of the MBBS colleges also provide training for USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination).

  • Excellent education system

Following the modern system of education, Armenian medical colleges offer a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. Since the medium of learning is English, students do not face communication problems. The professors are highly skilful and completely at ease in training international students. The Yerevan State Medical University is home to about a thousand scientists and academicians. The curriculum in institutes like the Yerevan Haybusak University, is regularly updated to keep pace with the constantly evolving job market and scientific advancements.

  • Internship opportunities

Not only does Armenia expose you to quality education, but also to earning, eventually. From second year onwards medical college students at Armenia are eligible to go for internships, with certain conditions, of course. The affiliated hospitals with advanced medical technologies and instruments offer a better scope of learning and implementation for these doctors-in-making. Accommodation for interns is never an issue, as there are well managed housing facilities available with most Hospitals.

  • Post-graduation opportunities

For those who want to specialize further, Yerevan State Medical University and St. Theresa Medical University offer about twenty seven different courses for post-graduation, with a course duration ranging from two to four years. You therefore can stay back even longer and finish off your entire course of study there itself.

  • Affordability:

Armenia is a cost effective country not only in terms of the tuition fees but also the cost of living. While our idea of a country that would provide the best of opportunities, is costly and posh, Armenia certainly does not belong to that lot.

  • Scholarships and work:

If the idea of cost effectiveness through internships does not make it sound so good, then scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aids could really make you consider this option. Yes! Due to its typical socio-political structure this country provides various financial schemes, in order to make MBBS education affordable even for the middle class population aspiring to grow bigger in life. Unlike many other countries that you might be considering, in Armenia you may think of doing part-time jobs. However, one may avail of employment opportunities only after one has gathered residence permit. We here at Universal Studies & Immigrationwill be able to guide you, so that you can smoothly acquire this permit for a peaceful stay at Armenia for as long as you wish.


While you still mull over the “how(s)” and “may-be's” you need to know a few facts too:

  • Indian students on completion of MBBS at Armenia are required to take the Screening test by MCI so as to receive the certificate for medical practice in India.
  • The NEET eligibility is mandatory.
  • Currently about more than 80% foreign students studying medical in Armenia consists of Indians.
  • International students are accommodated in separate buildings which are equipped with basic safety and convenience facilities.
  • Indians might feel overwhelmed to know that Indian food is also widely available.

This clearly states the inclination of the Armenian Government to welcome more and more students from all round the world.

Yerevan also called the “pink city” is one of the most beautiful cities you could think of living in. While the world might be bruised with hate crimes and apathy towards people of other ethnic backgrounds,Armenia is one of the soothing and peaceful options you’d want to consider. The people are fairly welcoming and no instances of discrimination has ever been heard in Armenia (even from tourists). On an even brighter note, India has a great deal of good will in Armenia.

For any further information and guidance related to your admission, internships, scholarships, residential issues or counselling for MBBS studies in Armenia we at Universal Studies & Immigration are just a phone call away. Write to us directly at tvm@universalmigration.com or call us at +91-99467-91000. You may also pay a visit to our websitehttp://www.universalmigration.com and leave your contact details, for us to help you out with your dreams.

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09 Mar 2018

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