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Canada is quite a welcoming place for people from across the world to work and settle down. Indians in particular are invited too, provide applicant qualify.

No matter what culture one belongs to, in India, Canadian Government largely tags Indians as “Indian-Canadian”.  Canada has traditionally competed for India's skilled migrants with Australia, Britain and the United States, so much so that it’s now altogether a new country in the mix. The nation is now attracting the young, educated and ambitious Indians for career growth and a better life.

It has been seen that the nation wants technically skilled people from southern parts of India; mainly in IT & Digital Tech. Toronto which happens to be the most immigrant-friendly city in North-America, also happens to be place where we can find maximum Indians.

The general high levels of education among South Indians is a good draw,  as the Canadian Government is planning to roll out an Online Job Portal that will serve as a matchmaker between potential economic immigrants to Canada and employees looking for jobs outside their home country.

Like several North American Cities, Canadian cities also thrive on Indian cultural associations. However most of them are regional-Indian centric, like Malayalee, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil etc.

So, any Indian is not likely to feel isolated if you take membership in any one of them, if it is in sync with the culture.

Like for Malayalee’s there is Canadian Malayalee Association which is a Secular, Non-Political, Non-Profit Organization of Malayalees in Canada, with clear objectives to

  • To promote social and cultural integration of Malayalees in Canada.
  • To foster and promote South Indian culture in Canada.
  • To organize social activities and Cultural-programmes designed to promote quality of life in Canada and safeguard the Kerala-Culture.
  • To provide help and guide to the needy.
  • To work for the development of  home-state - Kerala

Similarly, there are several others representing other communities of India to choose from, with specific mission and membership styles. However, the good news is most are are open to all accepting new members.


Acceptance of Immigrants by Local population

In 2017 there were certain news headline about certain simmering tension between localities and immigrants in Canadian. Some felt that the public life there is being increasingly getting intolerant towards immigration.

However, the government came out to assure openness and support for immigration in principle, as much as, the public justice system wants to see the immigration system work in favour of Canada.


English Language and Job-Prospects

English is a necessary social skill already pre-integrated for qualification to be part of Canadian workforce. Even on this, being a South Indians has specific advantage.

It’s recently been in news that an immigrant from Bangalore who did his MBA from the University of Toronto landed with a job with the Bank of Montreal pocketing about 75,000 Canadian dollars.

Quite interestingly, he is being dubbed as a model immigrant.


Studying in Canada

Indians students is Canada rate their experience highly for that nation. Some of them attribute it to the following reasons:

  1. Diversity
  2. Extra-curricular activities
  3. Tim Hortons
  4. Group Projects and Presentations
  5. Clean Air and Drinking Water.

The higher education system in Canada is not very different from the American education system, with a little influence from Britain.

There are mainly three types of colleges - either Public or Private, with a primary emphasis on undergraduate and Diploma courses  :

Some popular courses at the undergraduate level are engineering and administrative studies, Nursing and Health care while at the postgraduate level are management, finance, MBA/MIM, MS and IT degrees.


Benefits of considering studying in Canada

  • You will have several options to choose from: big or small universities or small-town or city universities.
  • Students can enjoy an active and varied lifestyle in this beautiful country, along with great health-care benefits, and the thing that Canada is most known for – politeness of the locals.
  • Students will have incredible opportunities to meet like-minded people and gain valuable international student experience through student clubs and organizations.


Here’s some help for Studying or Migrating to Canada

Whether you are considering studies or family immigration to Canada, we have helped those with a vision and ambition.

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28 Feb 2018