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Fiancé visa


To qualify for this category candidate should meet the following requirements:

  1. Have to apply for entry being outside of the UK except the case when engaged to an EU Citizen not British citizen in this situation with a five year residence permit.
  2. The permission for entry is valid for 6 months and will have to marry fiancé/e in the UK within this period. Stay as a fiancé/e can be prolonged after 6 months have passed in some cases if able to show that there are exceptional reasons for delaying marriage.
  3. Fiancé/e  should show that able to provide with sufficient funds for the period of 6 months,  will be not allowed to work . Will have to provide with accommodation and all required for living before and after marriage without any public funds support.
  4. Should be able to prove that have met future spouse.
  5. Show the desire to live with future spouse after the marriage.
  6. Should be at least 16 years old and sponsor in the UK should be at least 18 years old.
  7. If have children under 18 it would be much easier for them to get the permission to entry after the marriage.