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Domestic workers Visa


Domestic worker visa is issued for the cases when some employer invites his domestic workers to accompany him/her moving to the UK.

To meet the visa requirements you will have to prove that you are working for this employer for at least one full year as a driver, gardener, cook or nanny. Depending on your employer stay length you can get the visa valid for the period from 6 to 12 months. The visa could be extended if needed after the validation period is ended.

Who can apply

To be able to submit the application for this type of visa:

  1. You should be between 18 and 65 years.
  2. You should prove that you have been working for your employer a full year at least on a regular basis living in his house or being part of his permanent household.
  3. You will be working a full day at his house abroad and staying at the same dwelling as your employer.
  4. You are good with the employer's children and spouse if any.
  5. You will be independent from any public funds support.

Changing jobs

In case for some reason you will have to change the employer as his or your situation is changed you can look for a new one since you already have a valid visa of domestic worker. Under such circumstances you will have to inform the Home Office of the change but you do not need to make a formal application until you need to apply to extend your original visa.

If your employer comes to the UK as a visitor you will have to leave the country when he and his family does except the situation when you can prove that members of his family are still in the UK and they need your assistance. However when your visa is timed put you will have to leave the country.

Some of the employers can leave the country very often for business purposes for example. If so it does not mean that you have to accompany them every time. You can stay in the UK while the employer is travelling as long as he is going to return.

Your rights as an employee

As a rule you come to the UK with a signed agreement between you and your employer. The employer should change anything in the agreement including: your schedule, payment, working hours, holiday payment and so on.

If an employer breaks the agreement contact an Employment or Industrial Tribunal or the civil courts.

Even if you do not have a signed agreement between your employer and yourself, you are protected by UK laws as any other local domestic worker.

Do not give your passport to any one and keep it in a safe place. If your employer refuses to give you your passport you have to go to your nearest embassy immediately and inform them of the situation.

Bringing your family

You can take your spouse with you if he/she is intending to live in the same place as you do and you have enough finances to support you both without recourse to public funds.

He/she is going to leave the country together with you when the period of visa validation is out.

Your child(ren) under 18 are allowed to accompany you as long as you ensure:

  1. They live with you and are not living independently.
  2. You are able to support them without recourse to public funds.
  3. You have adequate living space to accommodate them.
  4. They will not stay in the UK after you leave the country and their visa becomes invalid.
  5. Both parents will be issued with entry clearance, except where
  • You are the single parent
  • You have sole responsibility for the child's upbringing
  • There are exceptional reasons for allowing them to accompany you

For more information on applying under this visa category please contact one of our immigration advisors.