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UK Family Visas



About dependants

Dependants are family members you can include in your visa application to come with you to the UK.

As a dependant, you may enter into employment once you are living in the UK, but this employment must not support the main visa applicant or any other dependants.

How it works

To be eligible as a dependant you must be the applicant's:

  • Husband, wife or civil partner
  • Unmarried or same-sex partner, who has been living with the applicant for at least two years in a relationship that is equivalent to marriage
  • Child under 18 years old

If the applicant has children over 18 who wish to come to the UK, they will need to make their own application for a visa.

Unmarried or same-sex partners must be intending to continue to live together in the UK. They must also provide proof that any previous marriage or similar relationship has ended.

For more information on applying under this visa category please contact one of our immigration advisors.



Settlement Partner visa: For Spouse of UK Citizen or UK Permanent Resident. 


Settlement Child visa: For Child of UK Citizen or UK Permanent Resident. 


Work Permit( Tier 2) Partner visa: For spouse of Tier 2 Visa holders.

This visa allows visa holder to work full time. 


Work Permit( Tier 2) Dependent Child visa: For Child of Tier 2 Student Visa holders.


Student( Tier 4) Partner visa: For spouse of Tier 4 Visa holders.

This visa allows visa holder to work full time. 


Student( Tier 4) Dependent Child visa: For Child of Tier 4 Student Visa holders.


Tourist Visa:   UK Visitor Visa

Tourist visitors as well as Family members and Friends of UK Visa Holders can visit UK in this visa.


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