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Ireland - Green Card Application Fees


The processing fees for a Green Card Permit, which must be paid by the applicant, are as follows:
New - €1,000 - 2 year period
Renewal - €1,500 - Renewed indefinitely (after 2 years)
Green Card applications may be made for any occupations with a salary over €60.000 Euro. Apparently there are some restrictions - if the job is "not in the interests of the State"
Green Cards can be granted to certain types of jobs with salaries between 30000 and 60000 euro (link to valid occupation)

Application Process for Employers and Employees
Green Card Applications must be made to the Employment Permits Section of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. It is granted to the employee and a copy is sent to the employer. Applications can be downloaded from
New application
An application for a Green Card Permit can be made by either the employer or the employee. The following documentation must be supplied:

  • A fully completed new employment permit application form specifying that it is a Green Card application, including all relevant documentation. The form must be signed by both the employer and the employee. Note: The passport of the foreign national must be in date and valid for 3 months after the proposed expiry date of the Green Card.
  • An original Job Offer, of 2 years or more duration, on company headed paper and dated within the previous 60 days and specifying i. A full description of the proposed employment, ii. Starting Date, iii. Annual Salary excluding bonuses, and iv. Information in respect of the qualifications, skills or experience that are required for the employment.
  • Documentary evidence of the employee’s certified qualifications.
  • A processing fee of €1,000 paid for by the applicant.
  • In the case of medical professionals, a copy of the registration with the appropriate medical body or a validation of qualifications from the Department of Health and Children