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Australia Family Visas: 


Partner visa: For spouse of Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen. 


Child visa: For Dependent Child of Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen. 


Student Partner visa: For spouse of Australian Student Visa holders.


Student Dependent Child visa: For Child of Australian Student Visa holders.


Tourist Visa: Australia Visitor Visa

Tourist visitors as well as Family members and Friends of Australia Visa Holders can visit Australia in this visa.


Family Sponsorship

If you have close relatives, such as your parents, partner, fiancé(e), spouse, independent children, brothers, sisters and grandparents, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, they can sponsor you to come to Australia.

Family-based migration to Australia

Australia is committed to helping families to reunite. As a result, a large proportion of the visas offered by the Australian Government are allocated to the Family Migration Program.

Potential family migrants are selected by DIMA on the basis of their family relationship with the Australian relative sponsoring or nominating them.

Nomination or Sponsorship?

Applications made in Australia - the main applicant and any dependents included in the application must be nominated.

Applications made outside Australia - the main applicant and any dependents included in the application must be sponsored.

Most Family Visas also require an Assurance of Support from an Australian permanent resident or citizen. This means that the assuror must:

  • Pay a Migration Health Services Charge,
  • Lodge a bond with The Commonwealth Bank of Australia,
  • Undertake to provide sufficient direct or indirect financial assistance.

When you apply as a family migrant you will not be tested on your English Language ability or trade skills, but, as with all migrants, you will be assessed against Australia's health and character requirements.

Main Categories of Family Migration Visa:

There are several options for people wanting to migrate to Australia to join their family permanently.You may apply as a Family Migrant in one of the following categories:


  • Partner Migration Visa – Spouse, de facto spouse, established partner
  • Fiancé Visa - Prospective marriage partner
  • Interdependent Partner Migration Visa – for people of the same sex who live together interdependently.


  • Children’s (Child) Migration Visa
  • Adoption Migration Visa
  • Orphan Child Migration Visa


On 1st July 2003 new visa regulations came into effect to cater for a larger entry of parents in the hope of clearing the waiting list of families to be reunited.

Other Family Migration:

  • Aged Dependent Relative Visa
    This visa is for elderly people who are on their own and dependent on an Australian relative for food, shelter and financial support, usually for a period 3 years prior to applying.
  • Remaining Relative Visa
    This visa provides a relative who is the last family member to remain overseas the opportunity to migrate to Australia. To qualify, the applicant must be the sister, brother, child or step-relative of an Australian permanent resident or Australian Citizen.
  • Carer Migration Visa
    This type of visa is for someone travelling to Australia to look after a relative (who needs to pass a point assessment through Health Services Australia). This applicant must be willing and able to give significant, continuing assistance to an Australian relative or family member who has a medical condition that prevents them from being able to attend to the practical aspects of everyday life.

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